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Are you scratching your head over marketing your novel? Overwhelmed by all of the tasks ahead of you?

If marketing was easy, we'd all do it. If it was simple, I wouldn't have created this course.

It isn't simple, and sometimes you need a clear roadmap to follow, especially if you aren't getting the sales you want.

Don't stress out. Arm yourself with the tools you need and let me show you how to SELL YOUR NOVEL.

This course is taught by me - 7X New York Times Bestselling author Alessandra Torre.

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Zoe Ashwood, Author

"Alessandra Torre's marketing course is very good and comprehensive, I have learned so much from it! And she keeps adding new content to it, so I really feel like I got good value for my money." 

Trying to market a book without knowing HOW is like an trying to build your own house.

You won’t know where to begin. 

You won’t know what tools to use. 

You won’t know how to build a great foundation. 

Five years ago, I published my first book with absolutely no marketing knowledge. It sank. It struggled. It averaged four to five sales per day and was invisible.

Then I started making changes. I started to research ebook marketing. I got A LOT of bad advice and wasted A LOT of money. 

"Blog. That's the best way to sell books." <<-- Nope. Tried that. Wasted that time. 

"Convince strangers to sign up for your newsletter, then beat them over the head with information about your books." << -- NO. This has been done to me as a reader, and I hated it. It might work with non-fiction, but NOT with fiction. 

"Create a presence and be exceeding helpful." <<-- Have YOU ever bought a fiction novel from an exceedingly helpful novelist? Honestly, it's hard to have time to write and be exceedingly helpful. Plus, it doesn't convert to sales.

""Get a press release."

"Hire a publist."

"Go on a radio tour."

"Get national coverage."

I have wasted over $50,000 on expensive publists, paid for press releases that didn't sell novels, and marketing that didn't work. I've wasted hundreds of hours on things that didn't produce sales, and took notes EVERY step of the way. 

I learned from every mistake.

I found the things that work.

I've put them in this course.

Five years after publishing that first book, I’ve written sixteen novels. I’ve hit the New York Times Bestseller list six times. I’m published in over twenty countries, and recently attended a movie premiere of one of my books.  

My life has changed in a hundred incredible ways, and it was all because I learned how to market my novels - and my author brand.  

Now, I want to help you with yours.  

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Jeana Mann

I've taken lots of courses on marketing and promoting your book. This is well worth the time and money. Even with 18+ books in publication, I've learned a wealth of information. I highly recommend it--whether this is your first book or your twentieth.

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Donna Clark, Student

I bought this course when I was less than half way through my first novel. I had no idea of anything except my desire to put words on a page. This course is taking me very gently and thoroughly through the requirements to be a successful indie author. I would be lost (or be wasting many many hours) without it. Thanks to Alessandra's teaching style and the sheer amount of well ordered material in this course, I have the confidence to choose the freedom of being an Indi author. I also have the tools I need to maximise my success. Thank you Alessandra for your honesty, generosity and your naturalness. It's like talking to a friend.

About Alessandra

Alessandra Torre is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of over twenty novels. Her New York Times bestseller Hollywood Dirt was produced as a full-length movie in 2017. Two more of her books have been optioned for film, and her books have been translated in ten different languages, in over twenty-six countries.  

In 2012 and 2013, Alessandra signed two six-figure publishing deals with industry giants Hachette and Harlequin, yet found her greatest success with self-publishing, hitting the New York Times list seven times, all with self-published novels. Alessandra is a popular public speaker, course instructor and industry expert.

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Debbie Richardson, Author

"I published my first novel in 2011. Since then I've published 5 more novels and 3 novellas. It's only in the past 6 months, and with the huge help of this course, that I'm beginning to know what I'm doing. Great course. Relevant material. Easy to follow. Honest and down to earth teachings."

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Coleen Brioux, Author

"This course was extremely helpful as I had no idea where to begin the marketing process.  It is very detailed, yet short and concise.  There are how-to videos along with real examples of optimizing your Facebook and Instagram pages.  This course surpassed every expectation I had and has given me the confidence to move forward successfully with my manuscript!"


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